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Piperlime sale!

This morning, I was snooping around on Piperlime looking for some shoe suggestions for a friend in need of advice and I saw that they had a ton of bags (and shoes) on sale.  Here’s my pick for best of the bunch:

Image courtesy of Piperlime

Image courtesy of Piperlime

While it may be difficult to tell from this photo, the Bender bag by Foley + Corinna (on sale for $259.99, down from $485) is actually a chocolate color.  The leather is glazed to give it a glossy look – which I love for fall and winter.  And at 15″ x 16″, it’s plenty big.  

In my professional (Disclaimer: I use the term “professional” very loosely.) opinion, this is a steal considering we’re headed into the colder months.  Kind of like finding the perfect pair of riding boots on sale in July


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