The White House goes budget!

There was much speculation over the dress Michelle Obama was wearing when she stepped off the plane in Phoenix earlier this week:

Michelle Obama

Fashion blogs were buzzing:  “It’s chic!” “The ethnic print is perfect!” “The silhouette is so flattering!” “She looks like a million bucks!” 

Or $39.99 as it were.  This gorgeous frock came from none other than Target.  I will say that it appears to have been ironed to within an inch of its life (and possibly tailored as well) and that probably goes a long way toward making it look much more expensive than it is.  You know, lest anyone think they can just run out to Target, grab a dress off the rack, throw it on and look as amazing as our First Lady…  Let this be a lesson girls!  Heat up your irons…or just take everything to the drycleaner like I do.


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One response to “The White House goes budget!

  1. Beth

    Do you still not own an iron? I loved the look of shock on Rino’s face at that one! You’re my hero.

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