Vacay melee

Here I am on the eve of our week-long trip to Northern California – San Francisco and Napa/Sonoma to be exact.  All week, I’ve been pulling pieces from my closet that I want to take and putting them all together in one spot in the middle of the rack.  

I’ve amassed quite a collection.

You guys want to hear the real bombshell?  I’m attempting to take only a 22″ carry on bag.  So now it’s time to edit.  You may ask yourself why I would attempt such a feat.  Here’s why:  if I take a large suitcase on a trip, I always – without fail – overpack.  By a lot.  No.  I mean really a lot.  

Now, I learned a thing or two about packing a carry on in my three years of weekend continent-hopping.  I had a tiny little wheelie bag and I could pack for a four day weekend, easy peasy.  So I got to thinking…  If I could pack my really small bag for four days, why couldn’t I pack a slightly larger one for seven days?  Why, that’s only three more days!  And thus, a challenge was born.

So tonight, I’ll be meticulously putting each outfit together.  I’ll be giving priority to pieces that can do double duty.  I’m even going to try and get my Mike and Chris heels and the most perfect matching Michael Kors clutch to fit.  It’s a fairly aggressive goal but I’m up for the challenge.  

I’ll see you guys in about a week!


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