Fashion’s Night Out

anna wintour

 WWD is reporting that Vogue editor Anna Wintour has taken our suffering economy under her fur-clad wing and is organizing Fashion’s Night Out.  On September 10, stores around the world will stay open late and attempt to lure shoppers with fizzy cocktails, in-store events and appearances, live music and freebies.  Of course, the epicenter of this event will be NYC, with both Rachel Roy and Alexander Wang showing up at Macy’s and Barneys, respectively.


Anna says the idea behind the event is to remind everyone “just how wonderful shopping can be”.

I’ll let you guys marinate on that for a second…

Oh, La Wintour.  So optimistic for someone who hasn’t had to purchase a scrap of clothing for at least 15 years, yet is draped in Oscar de la Renta 7 days a week.  So hopeful for a lady who shops from the racks upon racks of clothing sent by designers directly to her office and home.

Don’t get me wrong.  This event sounds like a lot of fun.  I used to frequently go to things like this at Harvey Nicks and Harrod’s when I lived in London. And they were fun!  Who doesn’t love to stroll around a store with a glass of champers in hand and leave with a little goodie bag?  Did it make me actually buy stuff?  Well, that depends.  If the event was for Chloe or Dior – not likely.  Those purchases are still few and far between for me.  If it was for something like Whistles (not cheap by any means, but attainable) – maybe so.

Karen Katz, president and ceo of Neiman Marcus Stores said “The idea is to make people not feel guilty about shopping”.  Right.  That’s all well and good…until your rent is overdue.  I hope you can fashion a dwelling out of that Balmain jacket you bought without a second thought that night!


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