Go ahead, have another dinner roll

I have a wedding to attend in August and I’ve been looking around for a new dress to wear.  I ran across this one from ABS by Allen Schwartz ($118) on Nordstrom’s website and it’s a major contender.

Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Image courtesy of Nordstrom

I’m in serious love with that cobalt color.  I’ve written before about my affinity for halter necklines.  It’s matte jersey and I’ve long sung that wondrous fabric’s praises.  (Just try and wrinkle it.  Just try!  You can’t!!!)

But you want to know what the real clincher is?  You see that twisty, knotty bit in the front there?  Well, that twisty, knotty bit is a work of sheer genius and a godsend for carb-loving girls everywhere.  That brilliant twisty, knotty bit creates some lovely draping.  Right over the tummy area.  

So I can literally have my cake and eat it too.



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3 responses to “Go ahead, have another dinner roll

  1. geo

    Two questions:
    1.- Don’t you already have a blue formal dress? (could try a different ‘colour’)
    2.- Wouldn’t that twisty, knotty bit make you look a little preggo?

  2. hsanger

    Hey Geo,

    Well, this is a totally different type of dress than my other blue one. That one is crepe de chine and is floor length. This one isn’t really formal like the other one. And, does that girl in the pic above look preggo?? I think not… It’s not all *that* drapey!

  3. Geo

    Ok, ok, if you say so. Go get your dress, it’s cute indeed. Wouldn’t it be nice if we went out shopping together again? July is the month of big sales in London, remember? So wish you were here. There are very nice things out there 50% off! I already have my eyes on some items.

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