Hear ye, hear ye

Ok, sorry for this semi-copout post but it apparently cannot be said enough.  As a gal about town, I’m noticing some fairly disgusting feet sticking out of some positively lovely sandals and I simply won’t stand for it.  I wrote this post on my personal blog last summer, while we were still in London and felt I had to resurrect it:

Dear Women of London,

Far too many times I have been on the tube and had the misfortune of sitting near one of you sporting sandals or flip-flops of some variety with some of the mankiest looking feet I have ever seen. Truly revolting nasty cracked heels, funky yellow toenails, ashy flaking skin, etc. Ladies, this is no way to represent yourself. Drop by the salon for a pedicure once and a while. Or at the very least, put on some damn lotion and slap a coat of varnish on those vile looking nails. Some may protest “I don’t have enough money to waste on pedicures!” Fine. Take yourself to Boots {insert favorite American drugstore here} and buy a foot file, some hardcore foot balm, a pair of thin white socks and some polish. Blam! A cheap DIY pedicure that keeps on giving! It’s that easy. It is not okay to neglect this area of hygiene.



And now, a mere year later, we have a great new product available that will go miles toward keeping your feet sandal-ready at all times.  Get thyself a Ped-Egg (or the Dr. Scholl’s For Her Smooth My Sole – a similar contraption) and attack those dry heels once a week.  On top of that, if you apply a good foot cream every night (I’m a big fan of Dr. Scholl’s For Her Ultra Overnight Foot Cream), you should be good to go.

And for those who think this topic isn’t fashion related, you have clearly never been subjected to looking at a gorgeous pair of Prada sandals wrapped around icky dry heels.


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