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Chanel is quickly becoming as well known for its cult-classic nail polish colors as it is for the 2.55 quilted bag.  To my knowledge, the first one to cause a major stir was the Rouge Nior shade that Uma Thurman wore during the twist contest in Pulp Fiction.

Unfortunately for me, when Pulp Fiction came out, I was a very poor college freshman and given the choice between a $25 bottle of nail polish and eating lunch for two weeks, I was forced to choose lunch.  But now that I’m a big girl with big girl money, I’ve got my Rouge Noir.  It comes out of my makeup bag every October and makes several trips to my favorite mani/pedi place until the end of February.

Over the past couple of years, Chanel has caused raids on beauty counters world-wide with the release of their non-traditional colors like Black Satin, Blue Satin and White Satin.  And yes, I own them all.  During our stay across the pond, I was lucky enough to live in Richmond-Upon-Thames, a borough on the very outer ring of Greater London.  So while all the beauty counters in Central London (Selfridges, Harrods, etc.) were sold slap out of the it-color du jour, I would quietly slip into the House of Fraser on the Richmond high street and walk out with my precious little bottle of “nail varnish” (as the girls call it in Jolly Ol’) in the black and gold box.  Pure joy.  For 13 quid.  Can’t beat it with a stick.

Now.  Why am I waxing poetic about all this?  Because the next highly anticipated Chanel polish color has been announced for release in October.

Image courtesy of Chanel

Image courtesy of Chanel




First spotted on the runway at the Fall 2009 show in March, Jade sent fashionistas everywhere into a frenzy.

So, if this color flips your switch, I would prepare to either queue up at dawn or spend the following days (weeks?) scouring ebay.


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