Pure genius

I got this little gem sent to me last Friday by my very good friend Beth.  (Not this Beth.  A different Beth.  Apparently, I have an arsenal of Beths at my disposal.)  This is one of the most genius ideas I’ve seen in a while.  Rollasole ballet flats are available at vending machines around London, for about 7.00 GB pounds  (roughly 11.00 US dollars) and offer instant relief to ladies whose feet have been butchered by a few hours of pounding city pavement or dancing.  


I can personally recall a few late London nights of my own and I can assure you that it is no fun whatsoever hobbling about on those Victorian cobblestones, desperately trying to remain vertical, despite the best efforts of my four inch heels to bring me down.  In fact, I once had to totally remove my shoes for the last 100 yards to our flat because I was in such pain.  By the time we made it to our front door, however, I was more concerned about whether or not one could contract communicable diseases via foot-to-London-sidewalk contact.


So, to sum up…  Lovely little life-saving flats that are as kind to your feet as they are to your wallet?  Absolutely brilliant.


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One response to “Pure genius

  1. Beth

    I’ve tried these! They aren’t amazing, but at that price what can you expect? More than enough to relax with on the tram though!

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