The Fashion Show

Last night, I finally got around to watching my recorded episode of Bravo’s attempt at replacing Project Runway – The Fashion Show.  As any of you who’ve ever read my personal blog know, I generally have some fairly strong opinions about these types of things.  And I’m not afraid to share them.

Photo Credit: Mitchell Haaseth

Photo Credit: Mitchell Haaseth

First of all, I’m not sure why Kelly Rowland (of Destiny’s Child) thinks she has any business whatsoever judging someone else’s sartorial aesthetic.  Unfortunately, my retinas have been unable to forget some of the most hideous “fashions” (I use that term very very loosely…) ever created being worn by all members of Destiny’s Child.  As an aside – Ms. Tina Knowles?  You, madam, are no fashion designer.

Also, it seems like the casting team was trying to find every possible stereotype (and former Project Runway contestant) when they chose the fifteen contestants.  There’s the pint-sized, flamboyant, bitchy, campy gay guy, a la Christian Siriano.  We’ve got our chubby gay guy just like Chris March.  There’s the hot, manly gay guy like Rami Kashou from season four.  We even have a token straight guy to fill Kevin Christiana’s shoes. One of last night’s bottom two was cute, quirky, sweet and her general style bore a shocking resemblance to one Kit Pistol’s.  And though he was eliminated last night, we also had an (also straight) edgy rocker-ish type similar to Jeffrey Sebelia (yep, straight), winner of season three. 

Not to mention I’m 100% certain that, with their selection of Isaac Mizrahi as host, Bravo was trying to recapture the snarky-gay-designer-judge vibe that Michael Kors always brought to Runway.  Unfortunately, no one can quite match the Kors brand of bitchy humor that we came to know and love.  (One of my favorite MK one-liners was “It looks like she’s pooping fabric!”)  And, quite simply, what’s a fashion design competition with out Nina Garcia’s venomous vitriol?  

But, you know what the hardest part is?  Do you know what I missed the most of all?  Do you know which character void they will never, ever, ever be able to fill?  Why, Tim Gunn, of course.  There will always be a special place in my heart for Tim Gunn and his wise words.  I still hear “Designers, gather round.” in my sleep.  The words “This worries me.” will never be the same now that The Gunn made them his own.  I long for him to tell me to “Carry on!” in that chipper way that only he can.



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2 responses to “The Fashion Show

  1. Beth

    Agreed, agreed, agreed. I gave the show 15 minutes and gave up.

  2. I watched it however, I was thinking where do they find these people?!? There has got to be better designers out there. Lol there was one piece i though was cute and it was the bubble skirt with the red deatiling and the huge red flower top. The tube skirt was horrible and should have never walked down the runway.

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