You Oughta Know: Rebecca Taylor

Though this could easily be filed under my “I Need It” section, I figured it might come off a little greedy if I did two of those on back-to-back days.  So, I’ll just feature this gorgeous Rebecca Taylor dress under “You Oughta Know” since, though she is certainly an established designer and well-known among the fashionista set, she may be one that not everyone and their mother is familiar with.  

Rebecca’s design philosophy basically boils down to feminine, flirty and whimsical.  Her clothes feature soft silhouettes and an obsessive (in a good way!) attention to detail. 

This chic yet casual shift ($200) is no exception.  It’s 100% cotton so you can bet it’s as comfy as the day is long.  The rough-pleat ruffle trim around the shoulders and neckline adds a level of interest and a touch of girlish charm.  But before you get to thinking that it’s a little on the cutesy side, you should know that there’s also an exposed zipper in the back to edge it out a bit.  I love it when a designer uses little details like these to balance the overall look of a piece.  

Image courtesy of Revolve Clothing

Image courtesy of Revolve Clothing

Before I go, a quick observation… Is it just me or is this a horrible model?  Somehow she manages to look pissed off, dead in the eyes, bored and vacant all at the same time. This would get ripped apart by the panel on America’s Next Top Model!  I think Miss Jay might wilt and die on the spot if this showed up on the screen.


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