Discount doesn’t have to look cheap

Those of you who have been reading this blog from day one might remember that one of my very first posts was about the Thakoon for Target diffusion line.  Specifically, this post about the gorgeous trench that was the centerpiece of the collection.  Well, I purchased the jacket ($45) and I remember thinking that it really was beautifully made – moreso than you would expect from a discount retailer.  The lining is a stunning shade of blue and feels totally luxe.  The print just screams Thakoon, the cut is flattering and I get at least one compliment from a total stranger every single time I wear it.

So you can imagine my interest when I read on The Cut that the Wall Street Journal conducted an experiment to see if fashion experts could tell the difference between a regular Thakoon piece and a Thakoon for Target item (obviously, with all identifying labels and tags concealed).  You may be surprised by the results…

The fashion experts in question were Simon Collins, the dean of fashion at Parsons the New School for Design, and Randi Rahm, a Manhattan-based designer.  The Journal mixed a $1,145 Thakoon dress with several items from the Target collection and asked the experts to pick out the expensive piece.  The designer was able to correctly identify the mainline Thakoon dress but Collins thought the trench was the real deal!

It just goes to show that you don’t have to shop at Barney’s to look like a thousand bucks.  Just know how to shop smart. Look for attention to detail with seams, linings and findings (buttons, zips, etc.).  Go for fabrics that feel nice and don’t look cheap.  And, if you’re able, mix in designer accessories.  I once read a quote that basically said “If you’re carrying an expensive bag and wearing designer sunglasses, everyone will assume the rest of your outfit cost a fortune too.”  (Just don’t ever, EVER do fakes.  Seriously.  It’s just gauche.)  Above all, no matter if you’re sporting $500 Manolos or $25 Payless, wear it with confidence.  Because that’s always in style.


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