Basics with a twist

Yesterday I found a fantastic tee by Theory ($77) at Uniquities at Cameron Village and I love it so much I couldn’t keep the secret for myself.  It’s chic, super flattering, comfortable and an all around great basic to have in your closet.  I have to say though, none of the images I found online really do it justice.  It’s got a long and lean silhouette which is offset by a slightly loose, scrunchy turtleneck.  

The greatest thing about this tee is that you can style it in a multitude of ways – with a statement necklace, with a bright boho scarf, layered with a jacket or cardigan, with work trousers, with skinny jeans, etc., etc., etc.  The list goes on…

Image courtesy of Urban Minx

Image courtesy of Urban Minx



And what a versatile piece to travel with!  I plan to take mine to Philly this weekend and wear it with a summer-weight scarf during the day and switch to an eye-catching necklace for the evening.  I’m already wondering how I’ve lived without this piece for so long.


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