Rock what you’ve got

Will someone please get married or have a fancy little cocktail party so I can have an excuse to buy and wear this dress from White House | Black Market ($168)?  Because as it stands, I have absolutely no reason to buy it, yet I am dangerously close to doing just that.

I am a big fan of playing up one’s assets and, at the risk of sounding like I’m tootin’ my own horn, I happen to know that I have a lovely, slim neck and collarbone area.  A halter neckline really accentuates this so I’m definitely partial to this style.  

I am also a big fan of disguising one’s problem areas.  For me,  it’s the hips.  I just don’t feel they’re in proportion with the size of my waist.  So this silhouette is particularly helpful in showing off my relatively small waist and hiding my hips.

Image courtesy of White House | Black Market

Image courtesy of White House | Black Market


What you probably can’t tell about this dress from the picture is that it’s actually a burnout design layered over a white underpinning, giving it the black and grey look.  I think that adds a definite level of interest to it.

And I love those shoes.  They remind me a lot of the pink Louboutins (the “Hello, lover” shoes) that Carrie wore in the I Heart NY episode of Sex and the City on her last night out with Big before he moved to Napa.


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