Running in Hell

The Style network reality show, Running in Heels is now three episodes in and I think it’s high time I hauled out my incredibly witty observations (read: snarktastic bitchery).  But first, if you’re unfamiliar, Running in Heels is the latest in a deluge of reality shows (The Fashionista Diaries, Stylista) based on girls trying to make it in the fashion publishing industry.  Fresh off the raging success of The Devil Wears Prada, it seems documenting real girls in Dolce & Gabbana dresses and Louboutin heels taking a beating from mysogynistic superiors is the new black.

Let’s meet the interns.  Of the three, two make me want to stab forks in my eyes and one is tolerable.  (In case you missed it, that was a compliment.)

First up is Talita:









Where do I even begin with Talita?  She has a tiny purse dog named Chanel.  That pretty much sums her up, in my opinion.  She’s exactly the kind of girl you would imagine when you think of the kind of girl who carries a tiny dog named after a designer.  Plus, she’s so young yet she already appears to have had a gallon of fillers injected into her top lip.  She has that super-enviable duck bill effect.  Honey, no.  Just…no.  And her voice.  Gah.  Her voice.  I can’t write anything that would adequately prepare you for how obnoxious her voice is.  You’ll just have to tune in for yourself.  Fork, meet eye.

Next is Ashley:








So far, it seems Ashley’s MO is to constantly whine about not getting any good assignments and to focus the rest of her energy on finding ways to undermine the other two interns – either by bogarting extra fashion show tickets that come her way or devising complex plans to blow the cover off Talita using the art department to create her spread for their trend assignment.  (An assignment that Ashley procrastinated almost to the point of no return, by the way.  A little tip:  If the Editor-in-Chief of the very successful national magazine at which you are interning personally calls you and your fellow interns into her office and gives you an assignment, perhaps you should, oh I don’t know…TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.)  At this point, the best way to describe Ashley is “wet blanket”.  I think she comes with her own “whah-whah-whahhhhh” Debbie Downer style sound effect.  Not to mention, she’s almost always late.  Oh my GOD, girl!  Get it together!  Prontissimo!  Fork, meet other eye.

Last is Samantha:










I don’t really have anything bad to say about Samantha.  She seems like a truly normal girl who sincerely wants to do well.  She’s enthusiastic about her assignments and appears to work very hard.  However, she tends to get a tad overwhelmed.  She’s cried on the job a couple of times already.  Now, I admit that I, too, am a cryer and that’s ok.  Everyone handles stress and disappointment differently and crying is a totally acceptable way to do so.  But if you must cry at work, please excuse yourself and step into the ladies room or something.  So perhaps she needs to grow some thicker skin if she’s going to remain in this industry, but other than that, I can’t really complain.  Fork, you get a well-deserved break. 

Tune into Running in Heels Sunday nights at 8:00 on Style.  Have forks at the ready.


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  1. I completely agree with your assessment of these three girls. Talita sounds like she’s been a smoker for decades, but she’s probably not even 20 years old. These girls drive me nuts, and yet I continue to watch. Is this seriously the work ethic barely-20 somethings have nowadays? Scary.

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