I Need It: Vince silk camisole

This is exactly the type of clothes I live in every summer.  The Vince medallion print silk twill camisole ($195) is perfect in every way.  Let’s start with the obvious.  The contrasting colors?  Perfect.  The Art-Deco inspired print?  Perfect. 

Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Image courtesy of Nordstrom

 It also has details like adjustable straps and a smocked elastic panel in the back which can make a huge difference when it comes to fit.  And with flimsy summer camis like this, a good fit can often be the difference between a “G” rating and a peep show.

I’d wear this with either a pair of jeans and embellished flip flops for a casual look or with slim bermuda shorts and flat strappy sandals to up the polished factor.



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2 responses to “I Need It: Vince silk camisole

  1. Susan Brown

    Heather, Am loving the fashion blog girl! You’ve got something going here. Great stuff!

    Susan Brown

  2. hsanger

    Thanks Susan! Glad you like it!

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