You Oughta Know: Design History

Sure, everyone knows who Marc Jacobs is.  You’d be hard pressed to find a girl who couldn’t tell you a little something about Christian Dior.   And Narciso Rodriguez has become a household name thanks to our First Lady.  But there are lots of smaller labels out there that I think you should know about.  And most of my fellow fashionistas will probably be familiar with the ones I plan to introduce.  But if you don’t spend your free time trawling the new additions at ShopBop and Bluefly, then you might learn something new from these posts.  First up?  Design History.

Design History is a contemporary brand  specializing in obscenely comfortable, yet flattering tops and dresses.  Their signature look is pleated and pin-tucked jersey, as shown below.  But they also do wool and super-soft cashmere pieces.

Image courtesy of Bluefly

Image courtesy of Bluefly


I tried on a couple of Design History dresses at Uniquities Mix at North Hill here in Raleigh and trust me when I say they really are comfy and look great on.  The jersey is so fluid you’ll feel like you’re swimming in it. This particular dress, shown here in curaco ($100 retail, $60 at Bluefly) is also available in grape and black.


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