Fashionomics – Anna Wintour surprises

I was fairly surprised shocked to the core to read last week that Anna Wintour (or A-Dubs,  as she’s known to those of us who follow fashion news like it’s election day coverage) doesn’t loathe the concept of discount designer in the form of collaborations with stores like Target.

I am sure that the checks from Target, and the exposure, are very helpful. I don’t agree that [they lost ground to cheap-chic retailers]. If it’s the right fit, [I encourage it] absolutely. One of the collaborations we do through the Fashion Fund is with the Gap [wherein the winners design their own twist on the classic white shirt]. Gap takes the designers all over the world, and photographs them with young models wearing the shirts. And the shirts are fabulous.

So while I doubt she’s shopping the Viktor & Rolf rack at H&M or anything, it’s nice to know we have her blessing and that the Voguettes aren’t being dispatched out to area Target stores to set fire to the McQ displays.

Read the article here at The Cut.


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